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"To work with Meghan is to get a glimpse into the magic of her craft. Composed in grace, her skill-set, knowledge, and empathy will transform you beyond what you thought possible."

“She provides the kind of experience, whether in the gym or on your yoga mat, that every person needs: one filled with compassionate curiosity and an unbelievable wealth of knowledge. When I first began training with her, my self-confidence in the gym was non-existent. It was the biggest thing holding me back from any strength training. Meghan offered me a tremendous amount of empathy, equipped me with the knowledge I needed to show up, and became my biggest advocate. Meghan’s ability to unify her yoga background with her fitness experience is what truly garners admiration for her expertise. Working with Meghan in any capacity is to give yourself the invaluable gift of physical, mental, and spiritual transformation. If you’ve ever searched for the complete package in a trainer/yoga instructor, Meghan is THE Goddess to call. I am deeply honored to be a client/student of hers.”

Jess Taing

Robbie Amor

I first met Meghan through my yoga practice. It was evident through her cues that she not only knew perfect flow sequencing but had a deep understanding of human anatomy and kinesiology. What started as a couple questions after class on hip tightness has led to a complete lifestyle revamp.

Working with Meghan over the past several years has holistically impacted my life. First, she specifically assessed my body and its current limitations. She works diligently to find the perfect execution for the targeted muscle groups and explains exactly why it’s working (or not) anatomically.

Secondly, Meghan’s functional movement and yoga background is a perfect complement to her weight training program. Depending on how your body is feeling, she can pivot between workouts on the fly to work your body the way it needs in that moment without injury risk.

Lastly, and most importantly, she’s an awesome human and really cares about her clients’ total health – physically and mentally. Meghan is part time trainer, yoga instructor, nutritionist, mindfulness coach, and motivational speaker. She works tirelessly to support your health goals and I’m so grateful to have her in my life.

Lacy Akers

Prior to working with Meghan I would say I had a good amount of fitness knowledge. I have my 500hr yoga teacher certification, worked out in the gym for quite a few years but wanted to get back into the swing of things. After working with Meghan, I quickly realized that my 8+ years of gym and yoga were trash and I had never actually had someone thoroughly explain how to execute the lifts properly. I knew how to *insert whatever exercise* fairly well, but nowhere near as well as I do now. I can’t even begin to explain how much of a wealth of knowledge Meghan is. I was recovering from ACL reconstruction two years prior; she made sure that I was always safe and supported but also pushed my limits and kicked my ass. Seriously one of the best personal trainers in the biz and would 10/10 recommend.

Kelly Donovan

I’ll start off by saying – I was never into working out. My husband has always been and when we met, I always said I’d be willing to try new things. He encouraged me to go to a glutes camp that Meghan was working. I was hooked immediately – not just on the amazing mental approach to weight lifting but Meghan (and how she’s pint sized like me!). She understood me and my body better than anyone I’ve worked out with. We trained together for a few years but really stepped things up once I got engaged. Meghan was there pushing me the entire time – both mentally and physically. She understood my goals and where I wanted to be by my wedding. She helped me learn how to train on a level I never thought possible. I was in the best shape of my life for my wedding day. That wouldn’t have been possible without Meghan!

I’ve been training with Meghan since 2017 and she’s seen my body go through ALL the things (pre, pregnancy, and post). She’s always mindful and adaptive as my body goes through changes and was with me every step (or lunge) of the way. Meg’s an amazing coach – she’s very technical, focused on details and will provide the appropriate amount of detail for why things are being done a certain way. Meg takes a wholistic approach to your training and always makes sure your safe and comfortable.

Lija Schneider

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Three gym workouts per week for 6 weeks designed for those just getting started in their movement practices! Includes full access to the vast exercise video library, mobility exercises, yoga, and meditations so you can move with confidence!

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Designed for those looking to step up their game in the gym with about four workouts per week in 6 weeks! Includes full access to the exercise video library, mobility exercises, yoga, and meditations so you can develop a more well rounded movement regime!

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Designed for those looking to grow their glutes and increase strength with three glute biased gym workouts per week across 6 weeks! Includes full access to the exercise video library, mobility exercises, yoga, and meditations to improve the body and mind!

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Provides full access to a wide range of yoga classes, mobility practices for joint health and injury mitigation, and meditations to assist with stress management and calming the nervous system!

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